Anything that is not love is a cry for help

“Anything that is not love is a cry for help.” These words, one of my favourite quotes from a Course in Miracles, ring in my mind on this glorious May morning.

How easy is it to bite back? To react. To keep stirring the pot that is already filled with polarised emotions.

To want more than anything, to be proved right. A sure sign of any of our own deep unsatisfied desire to be seen fully. Ah…I know it too well. And for those in my past who I have thrown to the wolves of hasty accusation, or reptilian anger, I apologise from my bones.

Or to get pulled into the story, and perpetuate it through gossip, and in the doing, keep the barb, the sting, of the accusation alive.

Only yesterday I wrote that I am tired of the silly games of division. The ultimate game of power is to keep conquered by keeping divided. By enacting division in our own world we feed the global monster that is tearing, literally and figuratively, the world apart. That monster needs the seeds of division to keep it alive and powerful.

We are its active, and more often than not, unaware participants. We feed the monster simply by playing the game of he said, she said, I am right, you are wrong…

And the pot is stirred, again…

Anything that is not love is a cry for help. 

When we look into our own Soul, when we know our intentions were good, true and beautiful, that we acted in integrity to the fullest measure possible, then to defend is to keep the pot stirred. 

Instead, to turn with compassion to those who lash out, and to learn, again and again, to say sorry when we do this ourselves to others. We are human after all.

At this interface of life, in the day-to-day, we get to shape the more beautiful world we hold as possible. This is the hard and necessary work.

I return, again to the fray, and keep at it. I am likely to fail many times.

May 8th 2020 

Photo taken May 8th, 2020