Are we the robots

Robots and AI will definitely take jobs from humans. Just as the car took the jobs off many humans and animals. 

It is the way of things.

But what of the existence of ‘almost-robot-humans’ now?

Walk a street and see everyone bent over their devices, lost in another world, certainly not present to the one they are walking in.

Or the jobs so many people are doing already…even well-paying jobs. We are asked to be machine-like. To not question, not make a mistake, conform to the system, check the boxes, measure up to some standard.

Our education system is designed to create flesh and blood robots. Supplicants willing to do as they are told, to not think too much, to limit their creativity to the curriculum.

Perhaps we are already living in a world dominated by robots. Not of the machine variety, but born from the womb of a woman.

The tragedy is we do not even realise what we have become. Our fear is towards machine bots. 

Might we first wake up to our own reduction to the machine? And if we do, to begin again to bring everything that we value as human back to life.

The ability to ask questions, be endlessly curious, to not conform, to discover, uncover, create. To connect, heart to heart. To love, love. To hold grief, to dance in ecstasy….to laugh until it hurts, to share, hold, give..grow up, become wiser…

And in the doing, to stop living in a world reduced to the mechanistic, robotic…and to recognise our Earth as living, breathing, transcontextual, magnificent.

The danger is not robots. The danger is our thinking that we and everything that is life can be reduced to a machine, and as such is open to exploitation.

November 12th 2019

Photo taken November 12th, 2019