“Arrange all the pieces around you” is a quote by Virginia Woolf.

This quote has been haunting me. Simple as it sounds, it brings enormous resonant truth with it.

Imagine this scenario. You are at a stage in your business where you need something. Let’s say you need capital. What are the usual steps?

Something like…do a spread sheet, get clear on how much you need, go ask people for money.

But here is another way. A more intuitive way.

Start where you are.

Go back to the primary impulse behind your business…the deepest clearest why. Connect with that. Big deep connection.

What does the business need now. Not in the next three or four steps, or even the second step, but now? If may still be money, but it may now be much less money than you originally thought. It may not be money at all. It may be stuff that you thought you needed money to buy. Like travel costs. Or digital camera equipment.

Look in your ecosystem, the world you inhabit, your friends local and global, everything that is all around you. But look through the lens of abundance. What is in abundance in your current world? List everything. Step over (discard considering) nothing.

If you have connected with the primary impulse, the true why of your business, and you stay centred from that place…then as sure as night follows day, there in your immediate world will be the source of provision for the next stage of your business journey.

It may not look obvious at first, because we have been so conditioned NOT to see it, to see instead scarcity. But it will be there.

All the pieces we need are around us. We have but to arrange them.

*This is the foundational work of Integral Accounting, beautiful work created by Dr.David Martin. I would also like to acknowledge the work of Hiro Boga. Hiro’s work has added a rich dimension to this type of approach. The origin of the term positive deviance came from the study of people who apply this approach as a matter or course.

Photo credit: Stéfan via Compfight