As a victim I am already powerless

Where do we steal from ourselves?

Where do we allow ourselves to show up diminished?

Who do we give our power away to and why? What is the story we have told ourselves about who we are that says giving our power away is acceptable?

These are the questions I am contemplating on this beautiful morning.

As I grow into my being there is increasingly little room for pointing the finger at those who have done me wrong. Finger-pointing as a first act makes me a victim. And as a victim I am already powerless.

A far better question to ask is how I agreed to participate. What role have I played in this episode? Therein lies my always-available power.

If the person I feel has perpetrated me in some way is my precious guardian angel, holding a divine space for me to grow into my fullness of being, what are they teaching me? When I ask this question not only do I get to navigate my way towards my own power, I also find along the way the path of forgiveness.

Photo taken, January 5th 2018