As luck would have it

In a culture that celebrates the rigged individual who pulls themselves up from the mire through hard work and persistence or the superstar of accumulation and power, we neglect to account for luck.

How convenient to step over this element, particularly in a world that demands evidence based everythings.

If we cannot see it and measure it, then it doesn’t exist.

Negating in that pen stroke, love and beauty. The gravity of life.

Luck. Fate. 

Curious. Never to be understood. Cruel to many, kind to some. For what reason? 

This is the issue. Reason and luck cannot coexist. 

Making sense of the insensible is the equivalent of a Haiku. A puzzle within a puzzle that reveals a deeper puzzle.

Luck of birth. Luck of being exactly in the right or wrong place at the exact moment of time.

Ten seconds off, and a different path.

This unexplainable, beyond scientifically measurable element, is the tool of humility. It will bend us all in time, bringing us to our knees in both gratitude and grief. 

No one escapes the fates and fortunes of luck. She weaves her spell around us all, and, just at that moment, beyond our imagining, pulls the thread.

The art of being is to find the spring of beauty, joy and meaning as luck deals her hand, whether that luck looks fabulous or spiteful. 

It often takes a lifetime of learning.

Photo Taken June 26th 2016