Assemble your inner search party

Missing, lost

Parts of ourselves wanting to be found.

It might be our rage. Kept silent for lifetimes. Seeking the support of the Furies to no longer be relegated to invisible.

It might be our softness, our vulnerability. Denied for aeons as if it were a vile character that would evoke shame and ridicule.

It might be the part of us that wants to create the wild and random for no real reason than desire. Told this does not fit into a world that says we should act like “this.”

It might be our rule breaking ability. Held back in a box of conformity, knowing that the box traps humanity from the good, the true and the beautiful.

It might be our capacity to feel. To feel it all. LOVE that completely overtakes. Rage that is beyond control. Joy that we believe we do not deserve.

It might be our voice. Needing to say NO. And YES. And this is wrong, please stop.

Assemble your inner search party. Excavate. Uncover. Find.

Find. Love. Rage. Love. Speak. At first stumbling like a child learning to walk, soon to be confident and sure.

December 8th 2018

Photo taken November 24th 2017