Asymmetry of knowledge

Transfers into asymmetry of power.

If someone holds more information and knowledge than you they hold the power.

It is one of the reasons that education is so important. Education allows access and access reduced asymmetry.

Education has forgotten how to teach critical thinking. To inspire uncomfortable questions and tenacious inquiry towards uncovering truth.

We have entered a new age were power holds our behavioural data. This data has been appropriated and extracted from us as we lived our lives. It has been the biggest act of colonisation and human theft ever to occur. It has not only made a few very rich, it has corrupted democracy, and like a virus it has infected us to such a degree that we do not even know we are being manipulated.

It is time to get back to the hard work of learning. Of asking those really uncomfortable questions, scratching way below the surface, and digging into the weeds, sifting through the propaganda and searching for the truth.

We must become hard core critical thinkers if we want a world where we can make sovereign choices and a more beautiful future for our children.

January 24th 2019

Photo Taken January 24th, 2019