Awareness arising

It starts with a realisation that something held as true might not be.

At first we might not like it, this creeping suspicion. So we do our best to block it.

Truth and growing up are persistent and will defy our attempts to suppress them, even if that takes a lifetime.

To shift our position, we might have to consider our identity, and the life we have built around the preservation of our identity. This is risky business. 

Transformational change that comes with awareness asks us to also change our identity.

As the truth takes hold and is accepted, the way we see and identify with the world also shifts.

Once fully accepted we cannot turn back. 

This process is as true for a child as it is for an elder. 

Awareness arising does not stop unless we refuse to pay attention.

It is a forever process. There is no arrival, only the journey.

Photo taken November 28th 2022