We currently have so much backwards.

We count electrons, not molecules. Yet electrons—energy from the sun and wind—are plentiful. If we could capture 0.4% of the sun’s rays that strike the Earth, every person on the planet would have a similar energy allowance as countries like Canada. 

The rare ingredient isn’t energy from renewables. It is molecules from Earth that create storage facilities—batteries—for the energy.

We treat the rare ingredient as disposable. No circular here. Dig a hole. Use it once. Throw away.

Crazy. Stupid. 

We place the sacredness of life as irrelevant while we scramble for the accumulation of an abstract artefact that is tethered to power over others. Or we give our life force energy to working hard, missing the precious moments that will never come again.

We celebrate people who dominate the game of winner-takes-all. History and nature teach us, again and again, that winner takes all ends up, eventually, with everyone, including the winner, losing.

We have so much backwards. And most of us, even at the subtle level of inner wisdom, know this.

If we do not recalibrate, we will be recalibrated. 

Photo Taken March 12th 2024