Bad anger good anger

The energy of maintaining bad anger is all-consuming.

Something you do not realise until you let it go. 

If you can.

Projected blind anger, anger that refuses to listen.

Anger baked in superiority.

Anger projected to such a degree that in its projection it masks the cesspit of pain inside.

I know this bad anger energy because I held it for so long.

It had the distinct taint of victimhood.

The more I kept my anger alive the more I could justify my victim status. All about me, all about my pain.

Good anger is healthy.

It keeps me focused on justice and truth for all creatures and our Earth. 

Yet anger stoked from a deep unrecognised wound is a rapacious fire that will not be sated.

Consuming everything in its wake, including the fire generator.


Gratitude, laughter, love and joy cannot live in the face of this type of anger.

Yet gratitude, love, joy, laughter and forgiveness are the antidotes to bad anger.

Photo Taken June 3rd 2023