Balming with love

Working for, working with, working against. People, life, humanity. Designing systems that work for and with, never against.

Being used or being useful. Knowing the difference. Refusing to use, or be used.

Occupying the story of the victim, or finding our voice for justice for all despite everything handed to us.

Pointing the finger at the other. Refusing to see the other in us. The hypocrisy of this. Focusing instead on asking where what we rail against lies within us and attending to that.

Holding all life as sacred, or determining that some life is not sacred or worthy of life. Being a stand against the relentless sneak of superiority.

Making others wrong for wanting justice for all. Or standing for equal rights and dignity.

Resorting to violence, or balming with love.

Every minute of every day, we get to choose against a system that wants us to choose ugly.

Choose beauty, love and the sacredness of life.

This is a Syntropic World. If this is the world you want to nurture out of the ashes of hate, then consider joining us on the journey. The next Syntropic Masterclass commences June 19|20. Here.

Photo Taken May 12th 2024