Be in integrity. Be the model. Be the example. Live lite.

Do this against the tide. Do this even when in the short term it might mean ‘losing.’

Integrity – to hold our shape – to be in truth and alignment with every element of our being – is a life’s work and practice. 

To begin we must understand how our decisions and thinking have been influenced by others, by culture, by powerful algorithms. 

We must go into the depths of our bones and being, and excavate the values that are ours. And then we must hold them as sacred.

Let me give you an example. Media and Public Relations. How many times I have been told to create a ‘hook’. To skilfully manipulate the message to ‘get’ people. 

I watch as Australia enters an election cycle. 6 weeks of spin doctoring on steroids. Our laws do not require truth in advertising. Anything goes. How low a politician will go is irrelevant as long as it ‘captures’ votes. Fear, of course, the greatest tool in the arsenal. The long term consequence of this choice is a complete erosion of public trust, a condition that is now epidemic in our world. The political cannot have it both ways. 

When we consider our own marketing, do we blur the line between truth and spin? Do we promise castles in the air? Do we use fear? Or alienation – become part of the in-group or be left behind? Or do we use false glamour – amplifying the message of worth in some cultural stereotype? 

To be in integrity is a daily, moment by moment act. It means to play the long game. To build and create by example. 

To demonstrate, every single day, choices that are consistent and aligned, removing all confusion, refusing to hide behind smoke and mirrors. 

The erosion of truth and integrity does not occur in one fell swoop. It occurs ever so slowly, until the tipping point is reached, and lies become our common language.

Be in integrity. Be the model. Be the example. Live lite.

Photo taken April 11th 2022