Be seen

Today is Trans Day of Visibility. March 31st. Celebrated every year. Since 2009. 

Be seen is the motto.

I love human diversity. I love that the science I was taught through six years of applied medicine is false. Black and white binary. Almost non-existent.

I adore the opportunity for human expression across a spectrum. The creativity. Acceptance. 

I am fascinated by nature, where some species change gender in different contexts. 

I want a world where our gender expressions are fully accepted and embraced. 

Where, no matter your fluidity, the opportunities are equal. 

On this day, March 31st, 2024, it is also the Christian Holy day of Easter Sunday.

I am not Christian, although I was raised as one. What I do know about the teachings of Christ is that he loved the broken, the prostitutes, the beggars, and the afflicted. Indeed, he seemed to prefer spending time with the lower castes and marginalised than anyone else. 

He was crucified not to save us from our sins – clearly, that didn’t work – but as a stand against Empire. Hegemony. Those who marginalise, enslave, starve and kill.

What a wonderful synchronicity that Trans Day of Visibility in 2024 falls on the Christian Easter Sunday. 

If we are to remember anything today, it is that all life is sacred. The rainbow of diversity. All. 


Photo Taken March 31st 2024