Be the best for the world

Emerging from the cultural story of being the best in the world, is a new story.

Be the best for the world.

We can do both, be the best in and for the world.

But our time to do anything that is not FOR the world is over.

Collapse is already happening. From the precarity created by decades of neoliberal capitalism for those with less, and socialism for those with everything, to the deliberately seeded opioid epidemic, to the diaspora of climate change, any focus that is not on world health, on a world that has a future, is a focus of short term dinosauric thinking.

Until collapse happens to us, or to those close to us, we call it economics.

More than love, radical truth is required. 

In our work, in our living, in our homes, in our relationships, be the best for the world.

April 4th 2019

Photo taken April 4th, 2019