Be your own best friend

Making time for crazy upside-down joy.

This is a simple formula for health and life care.

The cost. Time.

Turn off the TV. Get off the couch.

A half-hour of doing something you love for no particular reason. No outcomes required. Simply disappear into the love of what you love doing. Paint, play, sing, build, nail, throw balls, run, swim, cook…

A half-hour of laughter. Can be broken into micro moments throughout the day. Ideally, laugh until your stomach hurts at least once a day.

A half-hour of moving your body. Preferably outside in nature. Let the sun kiss your skin, or the wind ruffle your hair. Get soaked in the rain. Listen to the bird song. Watch ants.

A half-hour of genuine connection with some humans and animals that see you and ask nothing from you but your presence.

Do this in honour of you. Be your own best friend. Discover the joy within. Gift it to yourself. In doing this your joy becomes a contagion.

Be a part of the crazy joy virus.

September 24th 2018

Photo taken September 24th 2018