Be your word

Almost every day we are tempted to veer from our path. To make a small compromise. To submit substandard work. To tell a white lie.

So easy to do.

And one day we wake up and wonder how we arrived somewhere so far from where we hoped to be.

The path to this other place is not taken by one big move. Rather by micro moves – little atrocities –  made through days, months and years.

To be vigilant to the temptations of selling out micro aspects of our soul requires committed attention. To know the difference between that which we can negotiate, and that which must remain inviolate under almost all circumstances is to know the truth and wholeness of who we are and what matters most to our flourishing.

This is what it means to live a life of integrity.

Look at those areas in your life that have hit rough waters. When was the first act of violation by you of self and soul? The first small step-over. The first compromise? The compromise that made the second compromise easier? No matter what the scenario, you would have played a role, even if that role was to submit to the role, or stay silent.

Go back to that place and make a new agreement about all future actions. Sprinkle the new agreement with the salt of forgiveness of self and others. Be your word.

Be your word.

January 9th 2018

Photo taken 29th May 2014


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