Beach closed

But the sunrise is not. And the birds can be heard more clearly for the lack of cars.

The streets are quiet. 

And as the sun rises people are out to do their sanctioned exercise.

The change, so sudden, so huge, has settled into a new routine for so many.

Worth noting that it doesn’t take long…following massive change…to recalibrate. Remember this next time we resist change.

We have kept our routine, early morning exercise, an ocean swim, this blog… because anchor points are the stabilisers of change. To connect with the constant. The reliable. 

Not of human design, but through nature’s rhythm and flow. The sun and moon cycles. The turn, in our hemisphere towards Autumn, the bird song. The start of a day. 

Order, in chaos. 

This too shall pass.

April 14th 2020

Photo taken April 14th, 2020, by Tony