Beautiful Diversity

One of Singapore’s admirable qualities is the requirement that the different ethnic groups be spread throughout the country, never building their homes and lives together as a collective.

It is regulated diversification. 

In my country and many others, ethnic groups take over whole suburbs and regions. I understand the desire for this, as we like to be surrounded by the familiar. I would probably do the same, just as Western people establish compounds in countries where white is a minority.

And in many countries, because of this selected segregation, it becomes dangerous for an ethnic group to live ‘out of their area.’

And so the opportunities for integration remain fragmented. 

Singapore also celebrates its five main ethnocentric holidays and festivals. 

I consider these things as I watch the continued hard mountain to climb of women elevated to the tables of power. Or women finding space on the intellectual edge space platforms dominated by men. 

I consider how to bring greater diversity into Syntropic World. The rainbow of ethnicity and gender. Gathering around the key principle that life is sacred for all. Morals and ethics matter. Nature has a set of principles that form the architecture of healthy, synergistic collaboration.

There is work to be done by all. Race is such a crucial issue. Singapore has done a great job. Until it is politicised, many ethnic groups have cohabited peacefully for thousands of years. 

There is an intention here that needs to be strong and fierce. It is to create a safe space for anyone who begins from the simple place of honouring the other and life, in all our beautiful diversity.

Photo Taken April 1st 2024