Beauty is the way

It is entirely possible that in the moment of committing a terrible crime, beauty might stop us.

Beauty does that.

Just before the curtain closes she can dazzle with a smile, a toss of the head, a sunrise that reduces normal to prayer.

Beauty can flow through notes, massaging the destroyed cells of our damaged heart, lifting our head from our chest, offering her suite of everything to us at that very moment when it is so dark.

Beauty kisses us when we sleep, beckoning us to follow her trail in the forest of our dreams, sprinkling fairy dust breadcrumbs that lead us to peace.

A life absent beauty is a living death. 

Cultivate beauty, find her hiding in art, music, dance, a smile, stars, soil. 

When you actively look for her, you will find her everywhere. 

And she will enrich your life.

Perhaps beauty, not happiness, is the way?

May 29th 2019

Photo taken April 27th, 2017