Enabling Synergy to be cultivated in gatherings of people

To  create something, a project, a business, a team, an offering… requires at least two elements.

The purpose and trajectory of our journey, which invites the actions in the world towards which we are moving. This element is very Yang. The stepping out. The seizing the moment. Doing. 

And the structure and shape of what we are stewarding into existence.

The two cannot be conflated, and yet both are essential.

The traditional way is to drive hard, to go go go. To dismiss as irrelevant the container, the ecology, the home, the economy..from which our source of go go go arises.

From this structure we build relationship, which invites synergy, and synergy is the greatest force in Universe. 

The way of the patriarchy is to drive. To disqualify the Yin based qualities of care of ecology, the steady and considered build of relationship, the thoughtful design of the structure and architecture of the enterprise and its boundaries and thresholds.

To see this element as minor, unnecessary. 

These old models are breaking. Until we hold the beauty of our ecology, the essentials of the care of our home, our economy, the immense power of the synergy unleashed from vibrant and deliberately developmental relationships as not optional, as requiring as much attention from all players as the actions in the world, we will see the Earth, humans, our creatures, also as non essential.

To come home to love, beauty, care, to build economy on love, beauty, care…

This way is calling.

Both elements, the Yin and Yang, to be comprehensively considered.

Photo taken April 10th, 2020


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