In our world of automation and always on, always connected, the deliberate act of seeking respite and rest is essential to our wellbeing.

To walk barefoot, be that on sand or grass.

To hear the bird call.

Watch an ant be busy doing ant things.

To allow the salt water to hold us up, as it does when we stop struggling as we swim in the sea.

To be present to a cool breeze brushing our skin.

Simple things that cost us our time and attention, that require us to break out of our busy trance.

Some say that energy is finite. That entropy is the law.

Yet we forget syntropy.

That nature gives. And then gives again. And again.

There is no scarcity of the energy recharge of nature.

There is no scarcity of the energy recharge of true friends, of great conversation, deep connection, sharing experiences.

A bankrupt energy system is only possible when we turn away from beauty and love.



Photo Taken November 27th 2014

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