Stewarding the lives entrusted to you

As we go through a phase state change, the human equivalent of change from ice to water, there is an increased recognition of failure of leadership that is built on the assumption that humans are simply employees to fulfil functions.

People who work have families, are children of parents, have worries and concerns. Not cogs in a machine, or numbers on a balance sheet.

A steward leader designs a business model that is resilient enough survive the unprecedented. They do not stand above, looking down, rather they create a space that has safety, respect, dignity…built into the architecture of the enterprise.

Enterprises where when the world turns off, everyone is invited to the table to figure out how..being all in this together…everyone will make it through….and be better for it.

Imagine you and your team are on a plane heading towards mountains. The plane is losing altitude and needs to quickly reduce weight if everyone is to make it.

What weight will you remove first? People?

A steward leader stewards the lives of those entrusted to their care.

Photo taken April 15th, 2020


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