Disappointment follows the longing for what was not to be.

It is natural for us to carry hopes and dreams.

Our hopes and dreams have us strive to express the full extent of our capability.

We can only give our best. How others participate is not in our control.

If we fail our own expectations and we have done our very best then we expected too much of ourselves.

When others fail our expectations disappointment is present.

If a promise has been made by another and they failed to deliver, then accountability rests with them.

However, we must also look at ourselves. Did we clarify the promise in detail? Did we attend to the consequences? Did, by chance, we collude with others, pretending the Emperor had clothes, when he was entirely naked? Did we say yes to the gradual erosion of integrity?

When we find our voice in the disappointment we regain our sense of power to learn from the disappointment and grow to greater heights.

Throwing stones from the sidelines makes us good at throwing stones.

Ultimately the choice is ours. Give voice, become active, remain silent, or exit.


Photo Taken April 15th 2018


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