Belonging is an inner affair.

Our yearning to fit in, find our tribe, feel at home, be a part of something or partner with another will never be fully sated until we find our inner home.

We reject so many aspects of our self. Our bodies, our abilities, our family, our perceived lack.

We believe that until the mythical “x” happens we will not be happy.

The hardest journey we make is the journey home to self. To embrace all those aspects of self we have spent a life time shunning. To invite them to the table of our inner home, to partake in the feast we have prepared in their honour.

Beauty is contrast. Magnificent humans are magnificent because they are happily, joyously, unapologetically imperfect.

Perhaps today invite one of your least favourite aspects of self home with a warm embrace?

(And know that if you do this, you will also enable the healing of a world that rejects ‘others’ for their being different, strange and seemingly less than perfect.)


Photo Taken April 17th 2018


Beauty Of Beginnings

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