Source Idea and Purpose

The Source Idea that inspires action is not the same as our purpose.

The Source Idea is the creative impulse to act. It has emotion as part of it. The Source Idea has its own Pattern Integrity, and requires humans to bring it to life in partnership with it. 

Creative beings that we are we are likely to have many Source Ideas. Those that take over our being, that will not leave us alone, inhabiting our sleep patterns, niggling away at the edges of our daily life, are the ones to attend to with respect.

Our Purpose is the direction we are heading. It is the future we aspire to. It might be to end slavery, or change how we do enterprise, or enable access to education for all of Earths children. 

The Source Idea is the trigger to how we might do this.

It is the seed to that future.

When the Source Idea and its Pattern Integrity is aligned with our Purpose, we get a vector of Power. 

If we conflate the Source Idea and our Purpose there is no trajectory, no vector, no movement.


Photo taken April 18th, 2019


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