Asking for help doesn’t make us weak.

We are born helpless, 100% reliant on the good care of others.

Our cultural mythology bent us to consider that the solo heroic journey is the mark of strength.

Yet it is entirely impossible to ever enact.

Even the hermit in the woods is helped by a billion microbes in the soil as he walks the earth that holds him upright.

There is no solo journey. Writing this daily musing is possible because of so many strangers I will never be able to name. Those who created the technology, the software, the language, my teachers and people who have shaped me…

Asking for help when we are broken feels so humiliating. The story we tell ourselves is we have failed. We are not enough. Not smart enough, good enough, strong enough.

Yet in the asking, in our humiliation (from humus = earth), we are brought to our knees.

Being brought to our knees, to be earthed, covered in dirt…this is one of the most honest places we can arrive. Raw. Real. Opening.

It is to be celebrated.

And as we witness it in others, to be held with compassion.

Like a precious seed, our more truthful, caring, loving self may rise. And if not, then again, life will bring us to our knees.

It is the way. No one avoids these gates.

It happens to us all, until the earth finally takes us in entirety.



Photo Taken April 19th 2018

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