We have to ask for it. Really ask.


Deep breath, another deep breath.


A dozen deep breaths.


Ask the heavens, ask the sky. The air that moves through the trees. Ask the bird in the garden.

Ask yourself.

Ask another.

Help. Please help.

Being human means that we arrive at this exact place of needing help – real ‘I am broken and I do not what to do’ type help – more than a dozen times.

Our mistake is not asking.

Our shame is that we might think we cannot ask, that it would display a lack, a failure, a helplessness…..

Or it might obligate us to another, and right now, in this moment of empty…we are bankrupt of any capacity to return, even the thought of this leaves us fatigue beyond coping.

There is a Universe, people, the birds, the trees, waiting your call.

To the cry for help, an echo will be heard. It carries the answer, a whisper on the wind.

But only if we ask.

Photo taken April 20th, 2019


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