Rewarding Value Creation which is Syntropic, vs Value Extraction

Perhaps it is time to reward value creation, which is an act of syntropy, versus reward value extraction, which is an act of entropy.

Value creation is generative. Like the Sun. Like a smile, like love…a seed or an act of service.

To begin to think Syntropicly is to think about the whole. That when we act, create, build, design enterprise, economies, currency, products and services, are we creating real value?

For example, do we invite people to bring their best selves, create the ecology and conditions for this to happen, or design an enterprise based on fear, incentivising behaviours of win loose and profit maximisation without care of effect?

The global casino, currently in free fall, is designed to have the few profit from money making money from money…not an ounce of real value to be found. And the moment we have a global burp, those in the profit maximisation business drop their human ‘resources’ like a hot rock, not an iota of care for them.

Real value, the real economy, the one that does actually care for the home – which is what the word economy means – where people are growing and delivering food, caring for humans, providing rich entertainment and education…is the small economy…about 3% of the swills of money to be found in our giant global casino.

Are we going to send our time focused on what we can extract, exploit and profit from….

Or do we turn towards generative, generosity, the application of synergy…

And become Syntropic?

Photo taken April 21st, 2020


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