Pop Culture

Tells a story of the psyche of our world. 

It speaks to the large patterns that are moving, like ocean currents, below the surface.

It is the canary in the Gold Mine. 

Our fashion, the movies and stories that capture the collective imagination, do so because they are vessels for what we cannot speak, or will not be heard if we speak, to those who decide who decide.

Often pop culture leads the collective psyche well before what it is expressing becomes the norm.

To watch the most noble and integrous of all the characters in a world wide phenomena of a TV show receive an award that is never given to women, is to know we have crossed the Rubicon. 

When this act is celebrated as one of the great scenes in the entire series it heralds change in the ‘real’ world that is irreversible.

Those who posture as leaders of the ‘real’ world might pay attention to pop culture. 

There is no mistake to zombie apocalypse. The danger beyond the wall while everyone fights for power, distracted. The mutants collectively working against incumbent evil. Or Wakanda.

The collective speaks, voting with their attention, as the tide turns.


Photo taken April 24th, 2019


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