Rearrange deck chairs, or build new boats?

I participated in my first Facebook live session today (Commonworks) and was asked a question about the dissonance in the United States between keeping the economy going and keeping people alive.

If a nation state does not put the care of their people as central to their politics, and I mean all of their people, if when people no longer, through no fault of their own, have a job, and the nation state doesn’t ensure their survival with dignity and ease, particularly powerful and wealthy nations, if the access to quality public health care and education is denied, then people will be mad as hell to not be able to work. Work is survival. When the mythos of the rugged armed individual, the hero, is central to the story, then we have a potent mix. “Don’t tell me what to do, or what I cannot do!” Is the cry.

The indignation around socialism, or its most feared cousin, communism, is a propagated mythology that actually belongs in the archives of human history.

As does capitalism.

The beauty of human evolution, through our messy and often inadvertent trajectory, is to transcend a world view, a model, a map…and create something better for the times. Better than capitalism, not capitalism 3:0. Or 4:0.

Rearrange deck chairs, or build new boats?

We are currently in a petri dish of biological undoing, testing all the human constructs. 

The emergent question…what matters most? And if survival is handled for all, will our future be about accumulation of private wealth, or care of our home planet and all her creatures?

Photo taken April 24th, 2020


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