What do we control? 

A deep inquiry into this question will be life changing.

We like to feel we are in control. But of what? And who? And how?

In the end we realise that what we can control is limited to ourselves. We might perceive that we control others through coercion, violence, threat…or lesser evils of knowledge asymmetry, seduction and manipulation.

And indeed, in our world of advanced propaganda manufacture, it is hard not to argue that we are controlled by several companies in the world where the algorithm to manipulate us is adapted in situ stimulated by our responses and actions in every domain of our lives that is digitally recorded.

We can be brought to our knees by those who hold the lions share of the knowledge, using it to assign us to the dark ages with slight of pen.

Finally we realise that we have ultimate control over our response. If we have been assigned to the dark ages, we can educate ourselves. If we have been seduced, we can inquire as to how we so readily gave away our power. 

When we discover the extent of our manipulation through Google, Facebook and various other platforms, we might attempt to unplug, or seek alternative sources of news and knowledge.

The ultimate power is when we discover that we have the sovereign choice to control how we respond.

The moment this happens we being to reshape the field that seduced us into thinking we did not have any control over the world we co-create.

Is is from this grass-roots field of awareness that seemingly unbreakable systems and companies are brought down, for the new to emerge. 

Photo taken April 6th, 2019


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