The future is ours to create and the time is now


Instead of hollowing out public health

Underpaying what we now know are essential workers…those who clean, care for, nurse, grow food, deliver, collect, educate….

Allowing a very small group of people to accumulate, often off the back of publicly funded R@D and massive tax concessions, so much wealth, more than many nations GDP.

Said…go right ahead to those who striped the Earth of her minerals, trees and resources, turning anything and everything into a commodity as the holy grail of wealth, success and power…

If, instead if these things, we might have chosen for our purpose and our collective striving to invest in a future for all human dignity and wellbeing…for Earths beauty to nourish us to our bones.

We might not have a current world where the essentials, real value, the very things that in the end matter most of all, no matter your fortune…are scarce…

We adults might grow up as we go through this worm hole. We might put aside our childish games of accumulation, hoarding, extraction to extinction, winner takes all.

Or we might not…..

The future is ours to create, and the time is now.

Photo taken April 7th, 2020


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