Anger as a means to explore the boundaries of our humanity

I have always been feisty. Fierce. Comfortable with my anger. Happy to express it.

Learning to do so without violation of another is part of growing up.

Our society today works hard to suppress expressions of anger. We want safe. Calm. Nice. Softly spoken.

Expressions of anger and violence are terrifying for so any. 

Yet in our cultural prevention of the healthy expression of anger it leaks out of the shadows. It dominates our entertainment, it lives out loud on social media, often behind a mask of anonymity. It is used in homes behind closed doors, frustration unleashed. And we buy more guns. 

The rupture (not the rapture) is an unpredictable lightening strike away.

If you pause long enough you can sense it, a simmering cess pit, approaching breaking point.

Who knows the trigger. The inciting incident. 

To express anger, to fight, to strike out, and to do so in a way that discharges the accumulated energy without doing untold damage, is not wrong, or bad. It is to explore the boundaries of our humanity. To flex into our polarity.

When we insist on eliminating this form of expression, we do not get elimination.We will get explosion.

Photo taken August 10th 2020

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