Anchor points

There are moments in life where we become untethered. Loss. Heartache. Struggle. Broken down.

No matter our success, life has its way of intervening.

Building anchor points as habits to live by might enable us to survive the storms in better shape.

Without my daily morning practises there have been times I might have stayed in bed, pulled up the covers and wished the world, and myself to disappear.

Building habits and anchor points in our day create enough structure to keep us tethered when the winds of life are seeking to blow us apart.

Our practices are an affirmation to self. “You matter.”

One foot on the floor, in the darkness of morning, followed by the other. Then the walk, the run, the swim, being witness to natures unfolding majesty, writing, no matter the activity…lifesavers all.

Photo Taken August 10th 2018


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