Making stuff that matters

Our one wild and precious life, as Mary Oliver so beautifully says…and….this day will never come again…

…Set a context for our precious time, our unique Pattern Integrity, the gift we have to give.

If we have the privilege of choice about how we spend our time, we might consider that we spend that time invested towards Syntropy for Earth and all of her creatures.

We do not need another plastic toy as an incentive in a fast food box. We do not need insurance on insurance. So much of our time is spent doing things called jobs that do one thing only, keep the wheels of the monetary bus going as we hurtle towards the inevitable cliff.

The human construct of money, jobs, financialisation and the global casino requires exponential growth simply to stay functioning. It matters not what we do to keep the growth engine going.

It was not designed to consider real productivity, real value, Syntropy. Making and doing stuff that matters for a world with a future.

Bucky Fuller said we either make money or we make sense. Said another way, we dedicate our lives to making things that invite a future, or we spend our lives making money for the sake of making money. 

Money is an idea. It is worthless without human ingenuity and effort to have it produce real value. The short term illusion that money can make money from money without adding any real value is an illusion about to be exposed. This giant Ponzi scheme has made many people very monetarily rich. But the hungry ghost purchased comes at a price. Human mansions missing Soul. Heart. Spirit.

If you have a choice, dedicate your life to making suff that matters.

Photo taken August 15th 2020

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