2020, The Dress Rehearsal 

Imagine if 2020 was the dress rehearsal? That in a few years almost all work that can be done by AI will be done by AI? Going to see your GP is no longer what we do. AI is far more accurate.

All of a sudden those skills which have been deemed of the lowest value in our society…caring for other humans, teaching, the ability to work in the trans contextual spaces of humanity, to generate through love and kindness, to be thoughtful, to touch, physically and spiritually….these are the skills that the machine cannot (yet) replicate.

Perhaps in the scheme of Universe, a global pandemic is an act of preparation.

To get us out of our comfort zone. To embrace sudden and radical change. To question the systems upon which our civilisation has been built.

To see value in ‘essential’ workers, who for years have lived with the ridicule of being at the bottom of the western human success story.

We might consider the future that replaces most of our work. We might ask how we  generate thriving societies where time is abundant. 

We might learn from this year and step into our future better for it.

Photo taken August 17th 2020 by Tony

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