I am better because I work with/partner with Universe

“Sustainable systems cannot function without the full autonomy and unique expression of each independent part of the interdependent whole.

Sustainability agents have a few simple operating guidelines, or network protocols-connect, diversify, interact, adapt.” Tyson Yunkaporta, Sand Talk

We are each a whole, and simultaneously a part of a greater whole. Our individual cells cannot survive unless they are surrounded by other cells within a larger part, a liver for example. Our liver as a whole cannot survive unless it has the partnership of the other organs of a human body, and we, individual humans cannot survive unless we are part of a community of other humans in the whole of life.

The entire ecology of the whole and the parts are in constant motion, emergent, changing, dancing together. 

Equilibrium is always a transient state, never a destination.

Our whole parts are dynamic, flowing, changing, connecting, being changed by other parts and the whole.

The path of becoming a sovereign human is to know our wholeness while simultaneously knowing our interdependence. To know our centre while we continue to change in a world of flex, flow and change.

Ideally, to become synergetic. I am better because I work with/partner with you. 

I am better because I work with/partner with Universe.

Photo taken August 19th 2020 

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