The Fierce Urgency of Now

This is the tension. To move in harmony with, to partner with, Universe. To honour Kairos time.

And…to know that we have to act with urgency. 

If we want a world with a future, if we want a home planet that supports life and the wellbeing of our grandchildren, that still has Polar Bears, we must act as if we are on a burning platform.

We are on a burning platform. The collision of multiple failures, all intimately connected. Our neoliberal economics, the way we measure success, how we regard health as sickness care and continue to propagate it with lifestyles that serves the capitalist agenda – more sugar and fat anyone?- how we educate, build communities, see the earth and nature as resources for the taking, our media platforms now the most powerfully weaponised propaganda machines ever created….how we treat our fellow humans who through pigmentation or culture or  gender orientation or some other difference do not fit the stereotype and are as such ‘other’. 

My heart breaks. How are we doing this to our precious home. To the Koalas? To soil, oceans….to each other?

How far have we come from remembering that it is healthy soil, healthy biodiversity, healthy connection…that brings everything that matters?

That every child born has within in it intrinsic worth, and untapped possibility. 

Life is a miracle. It is a miracle that we do not disintegrate, like a lump of sugar, in the rain.

Time now, with urgency, to act the miracle.

Photo taken July 26th 2015

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