“We don’t know how to measure what we care about so we care about what we measure.”

This quote is construct of our Western mind where we love to measure, and if we cannot measure something then its perceived value diminishes.

Tell that to the people on the beach this morning. They chose to rise from a warm bed in the dark to be witness to a guaranteed daily spectacle, free of financial charge.

Each one touched by the beauty of dawn. Immeasurable. Priceless. Connected in a shared experience.

Tell that to the billionaire affected by terminal illness under the care of a low paid nurse, a person who gives all to ease the isolation, suffering and terror of the crossing of one of life’s two major thresholds.

Instead of trying to measure what we care about – beauty, love, family, connection, laughter, joy, kindness, respect, care, thoughtfulness…perhaps instead we might hold them in the purity of their expression. And intentionally have them be the central reason for everything we do.

Measure the consequence of placing humanity and all human thriving as our first act. The consequence of designing a world were the things that matter most – the immeasurable – are the purpose behind our life.


Photo Taken December 22nd 2017

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