Enables us to make the ultimate choice.

To not be caught in the cultural story, or the indoctrination of our childhood. 

To be fully whole and ourselves.

Not to be confused with power over, sovereignty Is a gift we give to ourselves and to others.

It requires an open field of knowledge, without asymmetry. It is steeped in the deepest respect for humans as choice making.

We may want another to do things the way we want them done, to conform to our standards, our dogma. Sovereignty grants instead the other the gift to decide, untethered from our impositions.

To claim our sovereignty is to claim the divinity and wisdom we all have. It includes the claim to make mistakes, to stumble, to fall.

As parents we teach sovereignty step by step, giving children choice and boundaries. Both clear. As our children mature, the boundaries become less, as it is no longer our duty to impose them. Children must create their own.

Sovereignty is a journey to adult maturity. A stripping away of all that is not ours. 

It says yes to our fullness without harm to another. 

To give sovereign choice to those you love is love. 

Photo taken July 26th 2015


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