Keeping the main thing the main thing.

There is a distinction between being a leader and being a boss.

A leader leads. People want to follow a leader without any form of coercion. A leader has their eyes cast on the distant horizon. They set a vision that attracts people towards its possibility. To lead is to inspire. A good leader knows that their work is to keep the vision of the main thing the main thing, and hold the space for others to support the main thing to become manifest. The moment they turn their eyes back towards protecting their own status instead of focusing on the main thing, the very reason they are there to lead, they relinquish their leadership and become a boss.

A boss needs to boss. They need supplicants and stooges to enact their whims. They attract people who thrive on bossing others about. They have little regard for anything other than their own ability to boss more people towards their own desires which can be as simple as to remain the boss. Not a house of cards, a house of bosses. At some point all the bosses will turn upon each other.

In a true democracy, we elect leaders, not bosses.


Photo Taken August 23rd 2018

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