What are we too old for?

In a conversation this morning someone said they were too old now to train for triathlon, which was where we met a long time ago.

The obvious unspoken was that I had just returned from a run.

What are we too old for? How easy is it to diminish possibility in this statement.

I am too old to put up with BS. To be silent. To step over lies, cheating, or abuse. To be OK with lazy service, or poor quality. I have little care for what people think of me, so while I am far better at speaking with considered words, I am unafraid of being disliked for speaking. 

I am not too old to stay fit, to run and swim hard, to be madly passionately in love, to start a new business, to open my mind to the new, to refuse to become inflexible of mind and body, to stay current with pop culture, youth, technology, art. To ask for what I want. To be direct.

It is the flexibility of mind and body, of choosing to stay active and engaged, choosing to stay in the field of the emergent, of listening to my own inner voice wanting an age excuse for being lazy, and with love saying no, not today. 

No, not today. There is so much to do, so much that years have refined in me. Now, clarity, more than ever. I know who I am, what I am here for, and towards what future I aspire. 

Towards that future the discipline to stay fit, healthy, of open mind, heart and being, with considered boundaries, is essential.

It is my best time. Not too old. Ready.

Photo taken August 25th 2020

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