Facing the unfaceable

I have done it. I have avoided looking at my bank balance, or the truth of a relationship, or the icky feeling in my stomach when someone has told me a truth about my behaviour. Ignoring symptoms in my biology, not wanting to know if they were something serious, or refusing to face that as I get older my running is slowing.

We often cannot handle the truth. Because packed into acknowledging it is a requirement to make significant change, to either be moved to act or to surrender to acceptance.

If we do a full biology and physical energy field scan, if we stop for long enough  to consider what we need to face, what truth we are avoiding, where are our blind spots, wilful and innocent, we might sense the pattern disrupt. 

Eventually the unfaceable will be faced. It will catch up to us, desired or not.

The irony is that true freedom comes when we face the unfaceable. 

This is to walk lightly on Earth. 

Photo taken August 2nd 2020

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