Inception to completion

Go back to the very beginning of the idea, the thing, the creation. 

To mother Earth taking the decayed leaves and trees and over time…aeons of time…with the addition of heat…creating what we know as fossil fuels.

Go forward to the completion of the idea, the thing, the creation. 

In the case of fossil fuels it is not enough to go to the end use as we drive around, but further out, to the post use, when the carbon is returned to the Earth from which it came.

Too often we fail to account for the full cycle of inception to completion. Our illusion of wealth lives in the smallest aspect, the narrow window between extraction to use. The failure to account for the whole cost is the after tax our future generations will pay.

At the personal level, any project, idea, or relationship begins in the moment of inception. The start of anything has its own Pattern Integrity, like a unique thumbprint, which carries an energetic coherence wanting to be brought to life.

Completion is the act of returning this to the field from which it arose. When we fail to do this, the Pattern Integrity energetic remains, clouding the field from which a new creation and optionality might come. 

There is a reverence and respect required in completion. Everything that has transpired, the good, the ugly and the broken, has brought us to this moment. When we complete an idea, a relationship, a partnership, we honour the entirety of its arc and how we have been shaped in the experience.

Photo Taken August 27th 2019


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