To not lose does not mean you have won.

Competition in its right state carries healthy striving, play, and the evidence of effort applied.

Addictive competition, the need to always be the winner, the person at the top – is another form of accumulation that evidences lack of self regard.

The lack of any competitive urge in any domain might indicate deep apathy, the shroud of despair.

Win lose games have their place in a game of play, where consequences are such that we get to refine our craft, learn new skills, evolve our ability towards mastery.

To win and have, as a consequence, others lose the ability to access, thrive and move towards a higher order of wellbeing, is not to win. That is to dominate, colonise and conquer.

Just because you have won something does not evidence your greatness. Greatness is in how you played the game, how in striving to win you refined your own edges, and how it then defines your next move.

Photo Taken August 5th 2018

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