Words and communication are tricky. We can say something in innocence and find ourselves in a world of trouble.

We can be misunderstood, we can misunderstand. We make assumptions, we use words as weapons.

We can pack our words with emotions that we might not even be aware we have.

We can speak with great intention. We can speak carelessly.

We can pack our words with undercurrents of our unspoken agendas. Our neediness, our emptiness, our addictive wants and desires.

Our words to the world can inspire, uplift, evoke, challenge..or they can diminish, cut, extract, export, seduce, manipulate. Our choice.

Our words to our self can love, respect, care, uplift, honour, dignify. Or they can reduce, diminish, dislike, contaminate. Our choice.

Words shape world views. Cultures. Behaviours. Most of the time we do not even realise the extent to which our world has been shaped for us, not our choice, but when seen, we are able to choose.

As I was blessed with the Cresent moon on the Eastern Horizon, I considered the power of my words.

Today I choose to speak with great care. Write with care. Choose words of love when speaking to myself.

In making this choice every day we have the power to make a world that works for everyone.

Photo Taken August 9th 2018

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