How are we supposed to treat others

“There are no others,” was Ramana Maharshi’s reply to this question.


Imagine if we believed this. If we acted like this?

That old kindergarten adage to treat others as you would treat yourself…

But what if this were true.

There are no others. 

We are all one. Nothing is separate but for our thinking/feeling that it is so.

There is no other Earth over which we can have dominion. There is no enemy. Just us. There is no good or bad. Unity is plural, at minimum two. To the up, the down. To you, to me.

Perhaps if we believed this we would might create a different world. A more beautiful world.

The challenge is to see the other, the enemy, as ourselves, and rather than to marginalise, isolate, deprive, blame, war against…instead to step deep into a conversation to understand, to find a pathway forward, to seek for Source instead of tinker with the symptoms.

This is the hard work, the real work, the difficult work. 

Towards this, we turn.

December 10th 2019

Photo taken December 10th, 2019, the sun once again shrouded in thick smoke from bushfires.