A value you hold tight

Take a value you hold tight, a value that your family and friends would easily see you have created a life around. 

Look at the value with curiosity. What about it speaks so thoroughly to you? If the world were ending, this value would be the one you would fight for.

Why is that? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself?

Now take a value that you might like to hold as tightly, but for some reason you do not. Inquire as to what this value means and if the meaning you have assigned to it is true? Why does it tempt you so, yet remain distant from your grasp?

If you gave this value as much care and attention as you give the value that you hold tight, how might your world change? How might you change? Is this a change you want? Is this a change you are ready to allow?

It is a good time of year to consider these questions.

Photo taken December 11th 2018



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