The World’s Richest Failed Country

The United States is often touted as the world’s richest/wealthiest country. I am not sure how this is measured, or who does the measuring.

It brings into question what is rich? What is wealth?

Many countries have been paying their citizens to not work during COVID including Australia. Many countries have public health care available for all. Many countries take care of their citizens as the primary mandate of a government. 

Is wealth measured off the amount spent on the military muscle? Or the number of gazillionaires? Perhaps the stock market, which is now so far removed from the productive, essential work economy that to include it in the same conversation as the market is a tragic comedy. 

Or is wealth measured by the inept GDP? And if so, if we use this against the percentage of population, just how wealthy is the USA? Perhaps instead gross national income compared to population? (The USA falls far short on any of these metrics.)

For a long time the world looked to the United States of America as an icon of possibility. The fall of Empire is hard to see. Even harder for those wearing the Empires clothes. 

In the end we will all be judged by how we cared for others, how we contributed, how we left the world better. The days of being revered for our stockpiles of accumulated toys, including ones that blow worlds up, and our arrogance, have passed.

To see the truth in ourselves, to name the beast of our delusion and undoing is the hardest first step. 

Once taken, rebirth can commence.

Trump is a symbol of the Emperors Clothes. The collective citizenry believe in his and the countries finery. The rest of the world see’s a fat, white, old naked man posturing to lead a country that seeks dominance without accountability, that hates on half its citizens, and cares not an ounce about respect, dignity, truth and integrity.

Photo taken October 29th 2016

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