A child is born. Most of us who birth a child are aware of the miracle of life. Beyond the capacity for language to convey the feeling of awe, beauty, love…. this astounding thing called life.

If you are not a parent, then perhaps you might have experienced a moment of intense and profound intimacy with a loved one. Perhaps a shared sunrise?

Nature, life, beauty, love…brings us to our knees in reverence to something so magnificent that we are incapable to speak it, to reduce it to words.

Yet we live in a system of capital that is by design intent on reducing all of these experiences into a single value. Can we commodifying it and place it into the marketplace? 

To consider the commodification of our experience of a birth we might know somewhere deep in our bones that we would debase our humanity if we did this.

To reduce values of love, beauty, awe…to chew up beauty and spit out money…defiles us in some way.

More often than not it is not ‘bad’ people doing this, but people who have never questioned the monetary, financial, trade and economic system that currently defines us. For our economic and monetary system depend on endless growth and therefore endless commodification of everything in order to survive. 

If we want to live in a world that honours and recognises value in many more domains than money, we must create it with deliberation.

The application of Integral Accounting is one way to proceed. It is foundational to the creation of a Syntropic Enterprise.

Photo taken December 13th, 2019